Computer Systems Plus (“CSP”), under the leadership and direction of its President, Mr. Greg Vaughn, has provided information technology services, including hardware, software and respective support, to our various companies for over 20 years.  CSP is an extraordinary and exceptional service-oriented vendor.  The company has evolved into a vital team member providing critical support to our diverse business activities such as commercial fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing for the agriculture sector, citrus production and farm management and the management of intellectual property related to citrus varieties.

The array of CSP’s clients is nothing short of impressive and is a reflection of the incredible level of complex to simplistic IT services being provided to doctors, attorneys, accountants, engineers, municipalities (and affiliated departments) and a multitude of other assorted private or public-sector businesses.

Mr. Vaughn continually positions CSP to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and regularly keeps his clients aware of such advances.  However, he takes a cautious approach when recommending new technology, products and/or services having first conducted extensive research and testing on his own.  He is relentless in making certain any recommended product works efficiently, effectively and as represented by the manufacturer.

In addition, Mr. Vaughn’s (and his staff’s) on-call availability and response (phone, cell phone, text and e-mail), trouble-shooting skill set, technology training capabilities, persistent follow-up and constant monitoring of our IT system is both comforting and reassuring.

In the years of working with Mr. Vaughn, he has at all times demonstrated a complete and in-depth knowledge of our equipment and programs.  His thoroughness and competitive cost in addition to impeccable professionalism, high integrity, honesty and fairness has made CSP an invaluable and permanent tool to our continued success.  As such, I have no reservation in recommending CSP for providing IT services and/or support.  It would be my privilege to be a reference for CSP to any potential client.