Managed Network

Encrypted Remote Desktop and Server Support

Through the use of our encrypted remote-access tools, we are able to effectively support your network systems, ensuring that workstations, servers, and all other network devices continue functioning at their best capacity.  This also allows for lessening the response time it takes to effectively resolve the network issues that are most commonly experienced in today’s small business network environments. This is also extremely beneficial for your home-based users and contractors that need support away from the office.

By using CSP Managed Services’ you will also be able to see reduced overall IT costs and see where the most critical issues are originating and why.


Network Monitoring

CSP Managed Services will proactively monitor your small business network infrastructure which generally includes remote computers, servers, workstations, Windows Event logs and the overall network performance and operations of your organization.

By doing this, we will be able to reduce and even prevent network down-time that can end up costing your business money.


Computer Inventory and Audit

CSP Managed Services will provide you with an annually updated inventory of all your network equipment including servers, workstations, printers and software applications that are installed on your network.

This information will be placed in your Control Doc and can be used to help you maintain your company’s assets and provide you with the information you need for your accountant or insurance adjuster.


Windows Security Patch Management

Our Windows Security Patch Management support helps to keep your network computers and servers fully up-to-date, whether they are in the office or used remotely. Through this process, you can reduce the security risks of viruses and Adware that threaten your server and system via unwanted intruders.

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